Catherine Laroche-Dupraz

Teacher researcher in Agricultural policy, international economy

Department of Economy, Management, Society

Teaching unit: Economy, Management, Society
Research unit: Structures and Markets in Agriculture, Resources and Territories, laboratory for Empirical Research in Economics

Academic background

Catherine Laroche-Dupraz is Director of the Department of Economy, Management, Society. Its teaching and research activities focus on the common agricultural policy, the international economy and international trade negotiations in the agricultural sector.


  • Common agricultural policy 
  • International economics
  • Agricultural exchanges and Common agricultural Policy 
  • International agricultural trade negotiations

Research topics

  • Analysis of agricultural policy instrumentation (internal policy, export competition and market access), market protection.
  • Compatibility of agricultural policies with international trade rules (GATT / WTO). Evolution of agricultural trade, policies and negotiations, and relationship with developing countries.

Research programmes

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