Patrice Cannavo

Professor of Soil Science 


2013: Habilitation to Direct Research. University of Angers, France 
2003: Doctorate, speciality Hydrodeology. University of Avignon and Pays de Vaucluse, France
2000: DEA, Water Sciences in the Continental Environment. University of Montpellier II, France
1999: Engineer, specializing in Environment and Industrial Risks. School of Mines of Alès, France

Career path

Since 2015 : Professor, Institut Agro - Agrocampus Ouest, France
2008-15: Senior Lecturer, Institut Agro - Agrocampus Ouest, France
2005-07 : Post-doctorate (24 months), INRA Reims, France
2003-05: Post-doctorate (18 months), CIRAD, Costa Rica
2000-03 : PhD, INRA Avignon, France


Director of the Department "Physical Environment, Landscape and Territory".
Deputy Director of the City's Institute for Research in Science and Technology (IRSTV)

Teaching activities

Physical Environment, Landscape and Territory Department (MilPPaT)
Soils, Horticultural and Urban Substrates" Teaching team


Themes taught:

-    Soil science, Agronomy
-    Initial training (levels bachelor to master degree) - 250 h /year on average
-    Horticulture speciality:  diagnosis of the risks of environmental contamination by N fertilizers and phytosanitary products.
-    Landscape speciality: agronomy applied to urban soils

Research themes

Research Unit Physical Environment of the Horticultural Plant (EPHor), Agrocampus Ouest
- Bio-physico-chemical properties of anthropized environments in urban and horticultural contexts 
- Water transfer, and carbon and nitrogen cycles in the soil-plant-plant-atmosphere continuum

Useful links

City's Institute for Research in Science and Technology (IRSTV) :
Plante&Cité :
Groupe Francophone d'Humidimétrie et traNsferts (GFHN) :

PhD supervision (last 5 years)

  • Gaëtan Fourvel (2015-18): Analysis and optimization of the fertility of urban soils built from dam sediments, CIFRE convention, Agrocampus Ouest. 
  • Louise Paillat (2017-20): Role of rhizosphere microorganisms in the fertilizer-organic substrate complex on nutrient bioavailability and plant growth, CIFRE convention, Agrocampus Ouest.
  • Toky Ramananjatovo (2018-21): Garden-orchard systems: applied research in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum, Ministry of Agriculture contract, Agrocampus West
  • Tom Künnemann (2019-22): Urban green spaces: sink or source of greenhouse gases, ADEME contract, Agrocampus Ouest


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